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Venture Fund

Focused On Idaho

Yellowstone Angels™ is an Eastern Idaho-based venture fund. Our focus is to help create jobs, build up the start-up ecosystem in our local community, and provide mentorship and guidance to our founder-led companies in the great state of IDAHO! Our founder-first mindset and approach is a key strategy and is at the core of our investment thesis. Board seats may or may not be required depending on the investment. Membership is by invitation only and is extended to accredited investors who share our vision and will actively contribute to building our start-up ecosystem. Generally, one must be sponsored by a current member and then be approved by the general partners for admission.

Our Model

In a traditional venture capital fund, Limited Partners (LP’s) have very little, if any, say on what investments are being considered by the fund. At Yellowstone Angels™, we allow each LP to decide for themselves what companies they would like to invest in. Two to three separate businesses are presented by founders on a monthly basis and Limited Partners will have an opportunity to invest in the businesses of their choice. Each business will be vetted and approved by the investment committee before being presented to the Angels.

Yellowstone Angels™ is industry agnostic, which means that we do not specialize in any one particular industry. This allows us to be more flexible and open to every company. We are also stage-agnostic as to the stage of the business. So, whether you are in the pre-seed stage looking for funding to acquire your first customer, or have a viable company and are interested in selling shares on the secondary, Yellowstone Angels™ is a great place to explore funding options.

Create Wealth.

Give Back.

At Yellowstone Angels™, we believe that giving back is not just an opportunity, it’s a responsibility that we each have within our individual communities. We are proud to consider ourselves a service based entity and look forward to sponsoring local non-profits in a wide variety of areas and missions. If you are part of an organization and would like to partner with us, please fill out the information on the contact us page and someone will contact you shortly.